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The internet loves the NFL's Dak Prescott and his weird warm-up routine

Everybody is shaking their hips and doing 'The Dak'.

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Ciaran Varley
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Quarterback Dak Prescott and his team the Dallas Cowboys narrowly missed out on beating the Minnesota Vikings at home in week 10 of the NFL season this Sunday. The game finished 24-28. Prescott threw for 397 yards and three touchdowns.

The real story though seems to be his idiosyncratic warm-up routine.

Introducing ‘The Dak’

There are now two distinct phases of our life: before we were introduced to The Dak and after we were introduced to The Dak.

The internet has had a field day with this, taking guesses at what may have been playing through his headphones.

'Dak dancing' is the new 'dad dancing'

This meme is stayin' alive...  

Dak gets down to Freak Nasty

Incidentally, this is our favourite song about taramasalata.

Dak's a Gloria Este-Fan

Someone please invite us to a wedding so that we can pull out this move.

Some people took a literal approach

We dare you to stay seated next time this comes on.

It was always going to end up here...

It was only ever a matter of time before someone put Shakira over this.

Possibly our favourite

For sheer innovation, we commend whoever made this.

There, you've learned something new today. Go show your mates.

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